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kamera CCTV
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Jual Produk Kamera CCTV - Other Detector

Kode Produk : VS 01

Harga : $ 8,00

Jumlah :

Vibration sensor



1.circuit  structure:closed circuit

2.rated current:0.1A@50VDC capacity:50w max. resistance:below 100 millionms between terminals at a contact pressure of over 5g pressure:adustable in arange of 5 to 25 g for CVC-10R normally supplied with contact pressure of 19g+/-3 g.

6.temper switch:provided for both models.However,detector and tamper circuits are independent each other on CVC-11.When this feature is note needed,just connect terminals T2 and T3.

7.Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C

8.Life expectancy:More than one hundred thousand times

9. a contact:goldflash over silver contacts for detector switch and nickel plate for tamper switch
    b Shell:ABS resin,gray


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