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kamera CCTV
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Jual Produk Kamera CCTV -

Kode Produk : FCP-O320

Harga : Rp. 892.950,00

Jumlah :

Features :

  • High reliability of detection thanks to evaluation electronics
  • Active adjustment of the threshold (drift compensation) if the optical sensor becomes dirty
  • Activation of a remote external detector alarm display possible
  • Mechanical removal lock (can be activated/deactivated)
  • Dust-repellent labyrinth and cap construction


The FCP-OC320 and FCP-OT320 Multisensor Detectors
each combine two detection principles. All sensor
signals are analyzed continually by the internal
evaluation electronics and are linked with each other.
If a signal combination fits the detector's programmed
code field, an alarm is automatically triggered. By
linking the sensors, the combined detectors can also
be used in places where work carried out gives rise to
light smoke, steam or dust.
Optical sensor (smoke sensor)
The optical sensor uses the scattered-light method.
An LED transmits light to the measuring chamber,
where it is absorbed by the labyrinth structure. In the
event of a fire, smoke enters the measuring chamber
and the smoke particles scatter the light from the LED.
The amount of light hitting the photo diode is
converted into a proportional electrical signal.


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